Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands Reviews

Best Electric Fireplace TV StandsIf you are looking to combine the utility of a TV stand with the style and visual appeal of a flame fireplace, with the heating facility of a fireplace, you can find the solution to benefit from all three here on best electric fireplace TV stands reviews.

On this site we look at the top TV stands with fireplace to bring vibrancy as well as comfort to your living room or whatever room you are seeking to place your TV unit in.

Traditionally TV stands were simply a way to prop up your TV and maybe store your Video player (remember those?) or DVD player on. Then they became more sophisticated offering more shelves and cabinets for storing additional devices and accessories.

Now we have units that have all those features plus a built in fireplace that has a display designed to replicate the look of a traditional log burning fireplace.

The look of a log burning fireplace was always rather attractive to watch. And replicating the look is exactly what Electric Fireplace TV stands are created to do.

What’s more is that the fireplace is not just for show, it usually is a real heat generating fireplace, except one that generates the heat electrically, instead of by burning fuel.

However, if you don’t want or need the heat – say during summer months, but still want the attractive display, many models do let you run only the flickering flame display without generating heat. So you can simple enjoy having an interesting flickering flame backdrop in your living room if you want to.

Economical, Time Saving and Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Traditional Fireplaces

Because of the shift for green environmentally friendly and energy efficiency movements and standards, not to mention growing anti-pollution laws, it is no longer practical for many homes to operate a traditional log burning fireplace.

Do I need to Install Any Piping Or Venting?

Traditional wood, gas, and fel fireplaces all have one hige negative in common – you have to burn something and that means pollution. It can also cost more to aquire the fuel method, and the time taken to heat up the room may take longer.

Further, both wood and gas fireplaces will incur expensive installation and venting costs.

A great advantage that comes with an electric fireplace is that they do not require any piping or venting that a traiditional fireplace may require. Nor is there any pollution or ash to deal with from burning wood. So there is no worries about combustion or carbon monoxide poisoning that could happen when burning fuel in traditional fireplaces.

In fact, because you do not need to do anything to operate your fireplace’s heating facility other than plug it in and turn the feature on, you can easily move the unit from room to room if you so desire.

No Expensive Fuel Costs

Traditional fireplaces can be quite expensive due to the costs of the fuel itself, not to mention that you always need to make sure that you have bought enough fuel to last.

This problem doesn’t exist with electric TV fireplaces, in fact they can be as cheap as 7 cents per hour, and significantly less during warmer weather if you still wish to keep the dancing flame but without using the heating facility.

Does the fireplace get too hot to touch?

A good TV stand with electric fireplace will have a front glass panel that remains cool to the touch, keeping it completely safe for kids or pets that can’t resist touching everything – especially when it looks attractive.