Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand Reviews

Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand Reviews

Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands
If you are looking to combine the utility of a TV stand with the style and visual appeal of a flame fireplace, with the heating facility of a fireplace, you can find the solution to benefit from all three here on best electric fireplace TV stand reviews.

On this site we look at the top TV stands with fireplace to bring vibrancy as well as comfort to your living room or whatever room you are seeking to place your TV unit in.

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight to our guides to the Best Rated Electric Fireplace TV Stands or for those that need to use their corner space – Best Rated Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stands.

Traditionally TV stands were simply a way to prop up your TV and maybe store your Video player (remember those?) or DVD player on. Then they became more sophisticated offering more shelves and cabinets for storing additional devices and accessories.

Now we have units that have all those features plus a built in fireplace that has a display designed to replicate the look of a traditional log burning fireplace.

The look of a log burning fireplace was always rather attractive to watch. And replicating the look is exactly what Electric Fireplace TV stands are created to do.

What’s more is that the fireplace is not just for show, it usually is a real heat generating fireplace, except one that generates the heat electrically, instead of by burning fuel.

However, if you don’t want or need the heat – say during summer months, but still want the attractive display, that’s okay. Many models do let you run only the flickering flame display without generating heat. So you can simply enjoy having an interesting flickering flame backdrop in your living room if you want to.

Economical, Time Saving and Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Traditional Fireplaces

Because of the shift for green environmentally friendly and energy efficiency movements and standards, not to mention growing anti-pollution laws, it is no longer practical for many homes to operate a traditional log burning fireplace. An electric fireplace TV stand doesn’t have the pollution. It doesn’t have the smoke and soot. And it#s safer as it’s not burning any wood or gas.

Do I need to Install Any Piping Or Venting?

Traditional wood, gas, and gel fireplaces all have one thing negative in common – you have to burn something and that means pollution. It can also cost more to acquire the fuel method, and the time taken to heat up the room may take longer.

Further, both wood and gas fireplaces will incur expensive installation and venting costs.

A great advantage that comes with an electric fireplace is that they do not require any piping or venting that a traditional fireplace may require. Nor is there any pollution or ash to deal with from burning wood.

So there are no worries about combustion or carbon monoxide poisoning that could happen when burning fuel in traditional fireplaces.

In fact, because you do not need to do anything to operate your fireplace’s heating facility other than plug it in and turn the feature on, you can easily move the unit from room to room if you so desire.

No Expensive Fuel Costs

Traditional fireplaces can be quite expensive due to the costs of the fuel itself, not to mention that you always need to make sure that you have bought enough fuel to last.

This problem doesn’t exist with electric TV fireplaces, in fact they can be as cheap as 7 cents per hour, and significantly less during warmer weather if you still wish to keep the dancing flame but without using the heating facility.

Does the fireplace get too hot to touch?

A good TV stand with electric fireplace will have a front glass panel that remains cool to the touch. This keeps it completely safe for kids or pets that can’t resist touching everything – especially when it looks attractive.

Why choose an electric fireplace rather than a traditional fireplace?

A fireplace is one of the best additions to any home. It will give your home some much-needed warmth during the cold days. It’s also visually pleasing and makes your room interior a lot more interesting. These days however, more and more people are looking at an electric fireplace as a viable option compared to a traditional one.

For one, you don’t need to overhaul the design of your house just to accommodate the electric fireplace. A traditional fireplace will need adequate space, as well as access to ventilation and a chimney for the smoke to go out. With an electric fireplace, you don’t need to think about any of these considerations. You can place it anywhere, at anytime.

An electric fireplace is also a better option because it exposes you to none of the smoke that traditional fireplaces emit.

What is the difference between a gel, gas and electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace needs electricity to function. For it to work, you simply have to plug it in a socket and switch it on. An electric fireplace usually comes with a remote control, and it heats up metal coils and creates stimulated flames to make it look and feel like a real fireplace.

A gel fuel fireplace uses canisters of fuel in gel form. Fed to the bottom of the fireplace, the canisters are burned to produce a realistic flame. The gel fuel burns cleaner than traditional wood, and it produces 9,000 BTUs – more than twice the amount of heat that an electric fireplace can produce. However, gel fuel is also the more expensive option.

A gas fireplace gives uses gas to produce real flame and warmth, but it can be operated with a click of a button. You also work with artificial logs that are made of concrete or ceramic and not of wood.

What is more efficient: gas or electric fireplace?

 An electric fireplace is by far more efficient than a gas one. For one, you only need electricity for it to function. With the click of a button, you can turn up the heat without actually producing flames, so there’s also nothing to clean afterwards and no need to worry about the hazardous smoke emissions that come from it.

With a gas fireplace, you’re still producing real flames. You won’t be needing wooden logs, but there will be real flames and real smoke so you will still need vents and a chimney. Because of this, some of the heat produced escapes through the chimney, unlike in an electric fireplace wherein all of the heat is blown into the room.

Which is cheaper to run: gas or electric fireplace?

 You will save a lot more money by buying an electric fireplace. Its installation cost is certainly cheaper than a gas one. With a gas fireplace you also need to install gas lines. Also, you can place it anywhere in your house because you don’t need to consider where the chimney is.

Once you install a gas fireplace, it’s staying there and you can no longer move it. An electric fireplace on the other hand enjoys some flexibility and there is no added cost to moving it.

Another factor that makes electric fireplaces cheaper is that you don’t need to keep buying gas as fuel, because all you need it to plug it in an electric socket. However, while electric fireplaces are definitely cheaper in the short term, it will also depend on your usage as well as the price of gas as well as electricity in your area.

Are electric fireplaces better than gas?

 It depends what you’re looking for. What gas fireplaces have going for them is that the flame it produces is real. There are some people who look for that warm and cozy feeling that real flame produces, and this is what gas can give you.

An electric fireplace cannot produce a real flame and just simulates it. The flickering flames that you will see is not real and just an illusion, and is entirely separate from the heat it produces. If this flexibility is what you’re looking for however, then an electric fireplace is the better option for you.

Both electric and gas are friendlier to the environment compared to a traditional wood fireplace. If there’s a power outage however, you can still use gas whereas you wouldn’t be able to use your electric fireplace.

Are electric fireplaces safe?

 In terms of safety, an electric fireplace is the best out of all your fireplace options. Because there is no real flame, you don’t run the risk of burning. Even for a gas fireplace that’s enclosed by glass, the glass still has a tendency to get hot.

The electric fireplace on the other hand removes this possibility entirely because the glass stays cool to the touch. If you have children or pets, then this one’s your best bet because even if they touch the glass, it’s just like touching a TV screen.

What is a vent-free fireplace and how does it differ from a standard electric fireplace?

 Compared to the complicated venting systems and chimney that you need for a normal fireplace, there are now vent-free options and not all of them are electric.

When a fireplace is labeled ‘vent-free’ or ‘ventless’, it means that the fireplace does not need a chimney or a flue to operate. They can be powered by electricity, but also by propane, natural gas, or even gels.

If a ventless fireplace is fueled by propane or natural gas, it doesn’t need a chimney. But it does have to be positioned near a supply line for it to work. They rely on indoor air for the combustion.

An electric fireplace does not need a lot of vents because there is no smoke. The only vent you’ll get with a standard electric fireplace is the heat discharge vent. This is the only part of the fireplace that could be warm to the touch.

This vent is needed to push out our blow out the heat produced by the metal coils and into the room. For safety, you need to make sure that there’s nothing blocking the vent that discharges the warm air into the room.

What is a smokeless fireplace and how does it differ from a standard electric fireplace?

Even if having a fireplace at home is something that a lot of people want because of the warm and cozy feeling that it brings, the reality of smoke often stops them from getting one. Wood smoke has both short-term and long-term health hazards, and this is why it’s great that there are now smokeless fireplace options available.

Most modern fireplaces are now smokeless. This provides the warmth that a traditional fireplace brings, without all the smoke and soot. This can be your standard electric fireplace, but it can also be the kind that’s fueled by bioethanol.

The difference is that while both are smokeless, only your electric fireplace doesn’t require any type of fuel in whatever form. It only requires electricity.

What is an infrared electric fireplace?

 An infrared electric fireplace still needs electricity to function, but it also uses the latest in quartz heating technology. This enables it to produce a heat that’s warmer and that feels more natural compared to your standard electric fireplace.

The ClassicFlame Infrared Quartz Fireplace Insert for instance uses infrared heat, and this helps it maintain the air’s natural humidity. The heat produced is then more comfortable and not at all dry. Click here to watch a product video.

What is a linear electric fireplace?

 Electric fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, and you also get a lot of styles. The most appropriate style for you will depend on what you want aesthetically and how much space you have.

From its name alone, a linear electric fireplace looks more horizontal than other electric fireplace options. They are either mounted on a wall or design for recessed installation. A linear fireplace looks quite sleek and will fit your house if you have designed it to be minimalist and modern.

This Napoleon Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace for instance is 72 inches long, so it really makes a statement in any room that you mount it in. Here’s a video showing how you can install it on any of your walls.

What is the best brand of electric fireplace?

 There are many factors that you need to consider when you’re purchasing an electric fireplace. Brand is only one of them. You need to look at design, heating capacity, efficiency, convenience, and warranty or customer support as well. These things matter in the long run.

Of course, knowing what brands are credible and known in the industry will also matter. Looking at the best-rated brands out of all the electric fireplaces available in Amazon is also a good way to make a decision. You’ll be able to consult the reviews and opinions of those who have actually tried these products.

Some of the best-rated and bestselling brands include Touchstone, PuraFlame, Dimplex, ClassicFlame, Garibaldi, and AKDY. All of these brands have a wide range of electric fireplaces for you to choose from. And depending on your budget, as well as what you need, it’s really up to you to choose what suits you the best.

Is it safe to leave an electric fireplace on all night?

 An electric fireplace operates much like an electric heater. You’re not really burning anything. So an electric fireplace is safer than gas or gel which require burning.

However, leaving it on all night will also mean your electricity is running all night. You might not want to see that in your electric bill. The good news is most electric fireplaces already come with a timer, and you can set this beforehand.

Some will also rest once a certain temperature has been achieved. These then switch on again after the temperature falls below the target temperature.

For instance, the Touchstone Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace comes with a handy timer. You can set the timer for up to 7.5 hours. If you want to turn off the fireplace a bit earlier than that, you can easily set it as such. It will automatically shut off at the time set. To see it in action, watch the video here.

Is it safe to put a TV on top of an electric fireplace?

There are electric fireplaces that are designed to be a combo of fireplace and TV stand. In other words yes if it’s an electric fireplace TV stand.  It’s definitely safe to place your television on top of them, as that’s what they’re designed for.

If you have just a standard fireplace and not one designed to be a fireplace TV stand, then probably not. With fireplace TV stands, the fireplace itself will be in the bottom part. For the TV, there will be a mantel at the top of the unit wide enough to accommodate the TV.

Your electric fireplace is your safest bet if you want to accommodate a television along with it. That’s because it doesn’t really burn anything. And the heater is entirely separate from the flame illusion. In fact, if it’s particularly hot and you don’t need to turn on the thermostat, you can still have the pretty decoration of the flickering flames while foregoing the heat.

How much does it cost to install an electric fireplace?

The best part is that your electric fireplace has the cheapest installation cost out of all your fireplace options. Installing a fireplace can cost anywhere from $400 to $10,000, depending on what you choose.

This is because with standard fireplaces, you’ll need to hire the services of a professional. The professional will connect it to the chimney or to the supply line of the fuel or gas.

You will need to pay for the renovation work if needed. And you need to be sure about where you want the fireplace to be located. This is because you can’t be flexible with moving it around after installation.

With an electric fireplace, you can do the installation yourself because it comes with assembly instructions. So if you have all the materials ready and you don’t need anything extra, there’s practically no installation cost.